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Occasional papers in Zoology

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Author Instructions

ZooNova accepts original papers in English on any zoological topic, but particularly on ecology, behaviour, biodiversity, conservation, zoogeography, morphology, taxonomy and systematics.

Papers should be submitted by email to submit(at) as MS Word or RTF files. The preferred font is Times New Roman 12 point. Tables and illustrations (colour or monochrome) should be submitted as separate jpeg or tiff files (300 or 600 dpi) as should equations using non-standard fonts and symbols. Their position in the text should be indicated by the figure or table number within { }. Labels should be inserted after the number but still within the { }.

The standard layout for papers is:

1. Title
2. Author details
2a. Author name/s
2b. Author addresses (including corresponding author e-mail)
3. Abstract
4. Key Words
5. Running header
6. Main body including -
6a. Introduction
6b. Methods and materials:
6c. Results
6d. Discussion
6e. Conclusions
7. Acknowledgements
8. References

Some flexibility is allowed in the layout to allow for the requirements of different topics. Line spacing and heading formatting is not critical as this will be adjusted in the editing process.

Peer Review
All submissions will be subject to independent peer review. In general, ZooNova uses peer review to ensure that the final published version achieves the required standards of scientific process and presentation. It is not intended that peer review should be used as a form of scientific censorship.

Authors are encouraged to provide the names and contact details of at least three potential referees. ZooNova reserves the option to make use of additional or alternative referees. Referees are required to provide detailed criticism of papers which will lead to improvement of the final versions.

Copyright assignment
Copyright remains with the author/s. Submission of a paper for publication in ZooNova is subject to the automatic granting of a licence to ZooNova (Afriherp Communications) and its representatives for the publication of the paper in printed serial form as a single document, inclusion with other papers in a single printed issue and as a portable document format (pdf) file distributed on the Internet.

Legal deposit requirements
ZooNova deposits appropriate copies of its publications in the UK deposit libraries as required by UK legislation. Electronic (pdf) copies are also deposited in the UK deposit libraries on a voluntary basis. A copy will also be provided to Zoological Record.

Publishing fees
ZooNova recommends open access publication. Authors providing free open access for download of their pdf papers will need to cover the costs of printing and legal deposit including postage. The costs involved for different options will be advised once the paper has been accepted and before publication. Charges will be based on the actual costs involved (currently about £30.00 for a 10 page colour document). Authors who choose not to use the open access option will not be charged for these costs and their papers will only be available for purchase as pay per view in pdf form or as printed copies. ZooNova does not charge any administration or other costs except those listed above. We suggest that authors should compare our charges with those of other open access publishers.

ZooNova welcomes sponsors willing to fund the open access publication of submitted papers. Sponsors will be acknowledged on the title page of the publication concerned. Potential sponsors should contact the editors at the contact address shown below.

Reprints may be ordered before publication or subsequently. The costs for those ordered before publication will be advised once the paper has been accepted for publication in its final format.

Reference style
Click here for examples of the accepted formatting of references and citations for ZooNova.

For further information please contact submit(at)

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